Thursday, March 16, 2006

Digital Camera Withdrawl

It ain't pretty folks.
I'm missing my digital camera. It is currently in Hong Kong with my DH. (Yes I'm actually missing HIM more than the camera, duh, of course)
It is his first time going there, and he's going to have a weekend of free time to sightsee and take some pictures.
DS#1 takes his digital camera to school everyday.
So I'm stuck with nada here, and I'm dying to share with you, all the spring flowers and the quilt I'm working on, my idea for SPT this week, etc., oh well.
I'm going to try and find all the parts for the old camera, an ancient (hah!) Kodak DX3600 and go buy a new battery for it.
I hadn't realized how important the camera is in my daily working process. I've really gotten used to it as another essential tool in the toolbox.

On another technology topic, I got a new printer! It is our first all-in-one, an HP PSC1510xi, it does color or b/w copies, scans and prints super duper fast. I love it to pieces already. We it got at Costco for a good price, and with their great return policy, I think it was a great deal.


:-D eirdre said...

Oh no - It sucks to be without a camera! I actually took my old one to the office (keeping it in the car is a bad thing). Just in case! LOL

Nice new printer! Remember that EVERYTHING is RETURNABLE FOREVER at Costco (except computers) so make a copy (on the new all-in-one) of the receipt and when it dies (everything eventually dies) then you can get all your $ back - I LOVE COSTCO!

See you in a few weeks!

Kate West said...

I have an HP PSC 1310 and I *LOVE* it! The best thing I ever did was to buy an all-in-one printer/scanner/copier. :-)