Thursday, March 30, 2006

B is for

Today will be brought to you by the letter B.
As part of the ongoing series that Laume started and DebR is also doing too. At the end we will all print out the posts and make a book, right?
You too can join us, and we're not too far into this endeavour to catch up.

So. Onto the letter B.
B is for:

Boring - I hate boring, being boring, being bored, being around boring people, having to do boring things. Because they're Boring!

Buffy - I am a latecomer to Buffy-love, I never watched the show when it was originally aired, and am just up to the beginning of season 5 via the magic of netflix dvd's. Now I see what all the fuss was about.

Butter - I love it and work hard at not eating too much of it. Finding satisfying alternatives is a game for me, current one is fresh garlic in olive oil.

Butterball - A mean name the kids called me when I was overweight in grammar school. I'd like to ask those people now: " Do you as a parent remember how awful you were to other kids? Do you work hard at getting your kids to NOT do that? Or do you encourage it or ignore your kids' mean beahaviour?"

Bollocks - As in "Never Mind the Bollocks" the one and only Sex Pistols album. And Bollocks as a swear word. Look it up, it has many meanings, some which wouldn't necessarily make a good swear word basis.

Backyard - NIMBY (not in my backyard) chemicals, weed killers or inorganic fertilizers. It is an official Backyard Wildlife Habitat. I love working in my backyard when I feel good, pulling weeds, cutting flowers, harvesting herbs, letting the chickens run around.

Bush - Worst. President. Ever. Do I think he's dumb? No. Crazy? Maybe. Untreated Alcoholic? Yes. An embarrasment to Americans everywhere? Certainly. Impeachable? Hell yes!

Bees- I would love to be a beekeeper. I love honey, and bees are so good for the garden. And I love the word apiary.

Beer - We used to make it, and I have plans for growing hops, maybe in the future with the apiary...

Butterfly - I love finding plants that butterflies like, seeing them sustain themselves from flowers that I've grown in my garden is very satisfying.

Bubbly - I used to hate being described as bubbly. Or having a bubbly personality. Sounds so out of control in an annoying way. But my husband says Bubbly Toes by Jack Johnson is my theme song. Also, champagne is bubbly and I love good champagne.

Best - The best you can do, the best you can offer, the best there is, Personal Best, Best in the West.

Belief - Sometimes the only thing that keeps me here.

Boing - Just a word that's fun to say.

Boink - Wink, wink, say no more.

Blood - I love the color of blood and am fascinated to look at my blood when I have it drawn for tests. I don't like seeing other people's blood though, ewwww.

Breastfeeding - One of the highlights of motherhood for me. Such a strengthening, empowering activity, feeling like I could raise the world's children with sustenance produced by me. I sometimes miss it.

Bank - I love looking at our bank statements and feeling safe.

Bounty - Something to be continually thankful for. Lady Bountiful - a woman of noteworthy generosity or charity.
Bread - I love bread, eating it, and making it. Nothing so good as fresh sourdough.
Bower - One of the things I plan to add to my garden, preferrably with a statue of Aphrodite or Venus.
Bat - I wish we had more of them around to eat all the mosquitos. Time to build a bat box.
Blueberry - We have 4 bushes in our yard, and they're all happy, especially with redwood duff (to raise the acidity level of the soil), and I am terrible and do not share the berries with anyone (except those that help in the garden)!
Berkeley - University of California at Berkeley, my alma mater, a wonderful city and an amazing educational and cultural institution.
Bears - Go Bears! My favorite bear is the Polar Bear, not the sad green furred ones at the zoo, but the ones that rampage around the northern arctic. I recently heard they are drowning in large numbers, because the ice is melting, they are having trouble swimming the larger distances between ice floes. :(
I know I'm leaving out something, but that is ok, there is always post-editing.

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Hank said...

Aaaah! Alliteration abounds, always astounds. Apiary.

You guys have a garden with blueberries and redwood duff underneath and butterflies and bats and stuff...I feel boring now, because all we have is a box in the back with some bricks and some bitty little garlics withering sadly...

I have to stop this alliterating thing, or I'm likely to do it all week.