Monday, March 20, 2006

A is for...

Laume started this new MeMe (meme), the alphabet, words that start with A. Wow, how fun to know the person who started a meme! Usually one doesn't, it comes around to you kind of like the old telephone game.

A is for.....

Adventure - I'm dying for a travel adventure, every week at some point I'm making plans to scoop up the kids from the boring school routine and just GO, somewhere anywhere. Drive cross country or to Canada or Mexico. The Sagittarius in me is shriveling up from not travelling. Unfortunately the kids aren't Sag's so they don't get it. And DH is a Sag, but he is having to travel for work, so he likes to stay home when he isn't working.

Atrocious - My manners, I'm soooo behind on thank-you notes! Yikes!

Angst - Teenage, Middle-Age, we've got it all around here, in buckets-full, need some?

Adore - I always feel European when I say this word, or maybe Audrey Hepburn-ish.

Asshat- a good new swear word to replace *sshole, not sure where it originated or where I picked it up.

Argyle - never worn it, ever.

Agile - I''ve never been physically agile, even when I took dance classes, I'd say my brain is pretty agile, and I hope it stays that way as I get older.

Artistic-Living a life artistic, not necessarily as an artist is what I aspire to. Doing mundane things in an artful manner, like cooking in a creative spontaneous way or arranging books on a bookshelf so that they look good.

Armoire- I've always liked these in the store, and have always wanted one, especially an antique. But it wouldn't fit in our house, and it doesn't go with our style at all. I guess I like the idea of closing the door on your possessions, so you don't have to look at them, but they're still there when you need them.

Adult- They (whoever "they" are) that you aren't an adult til you've bought a couch. I still haven't at 41, unless you count the futon couch. Not sure if I really want to be an adult, yet. Although I wouldn't mind a new couch if it was delivered to the front door.

Well that was fun, thanks Laume!


Deb R said...

Cool list, Julie! I worked on one today too, but I prolly won't post it until Wednesday since tomorrow is SPT day. Some of mine are the same as yours or Laume's or Deirdre's, but that's because GMTA, yes? :-)

Hank said...

I need to travel somewhere. Being stuck in Fresno is just about the worst thing ever. It's hot and stinky and the air has a PH level of two. Where is my golden California sunshine
where is my turquoise California ocean
where is my sandy California beach
Oh Jesus, I need some lovely California motion.

That sounds dirty.


A is for...

Ambling- I do a lot of it because I semi-sprained my ankle. Unfortunately, it's a quarter-mile walk from period one to period two.

Albums- I am dearly enjoying my new record player, and have played numerous albums all weekend long.

Animals- This is an Album. I am playing it to death.

Adrian- Runs the Album shop in the Tower District where I got Animals, and also an amazing Anglo-Saxon album audio adapter. Read: Record player in alliteration.

Argyle- I have never worn this, either.

Aquamarine- not pink, not green, and defenitely not the colour of roses.