Friday, March 03, 2006

Precious Residue

Several of us on the art quilting blog ring have been showing process, since I was into the process today, and my camera was nearby here goes.
Step1 - Beginning with a piece of cotton that was a failed attempt at photo transfer, the blue is what transferred, it is quite stiff and crinkly with gel medium, it also was folded, you can see the lines. I started overpainting with acrylic (golden yellow).

Step 2 - Keep painting, now with metallic copper.

Step 3 - Added some gold, really old drippy paint, got too wet, I'm impatient so out comes the heat gun.

Step 4 - A closeup shot, so you can see the texture.

Step 5 - Layered with batting and back, I begin stitching. Even after ironing those folds are still showing and I don't like them! Solve it with Stitch (ooh, a possible book title).

Step 6 - A kinda grid of big satin stitch with a gold rayon thread.

Step 7 - Straight stitching over the top.

Step 8 - Start of an outline connecting the beginning spot of each straight stitch line.

Step 9 - Did two sides, didn't like it, time for the frog stitch (rippit rippit).

Step 10- There's a better outline. This is two rayon threads, the gold and a dark khaki green, around and around entertwining.

Step 11 - Trimmed the backing to the stitch lines. Ripped the white fabric along the stitch lines on the front, and then pull/ripped the batting.
Voila', done! Title: "Precious Residue". About 13"x13"


Debra said...

Cool piece.. and fun to watch the process.

Now.. whatcha gonna do with that? (ducks)

Janet said...

I loved seeing the process of Precious Residue. I have finally decided to comment after reading your blog for quite some time. I am not a quilter but enjoy the beauty of them. Thanks for always having an interesting and inspiring blog.

Rayna said...

Julie - this is truly a silk purse from a sow's ear! Amazing how you transformed this into something wonderful. I love watching the process of artwork evolving - thanks for sharing.

Dara said...

oooh, I love what the satin stitch did to the other quilting lines and the color. Great piece and loved the process also.

Elle said...

Ooo! Love it! Thanks for sharing your process!