Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday

For Self Portrait Tuesday
This is a picture of me on a very happy day. My dear husband Marc and I are telling my mom and dad that we are pregnant! This was at Easter in 1993. 13 years ago....
Boy do we ever look young. sigh. Look at how short my hair is. And I'm wearing my pearls. I never wear my pearls anymore! I think I was even wearing pantyhose too. Gawd, it has been ages since I've worn those torture devices.
So what has changed in thirteen years?
We've had two children.
We've sold and bought a house and moved once.
Marc has changed jobs 3 times.
I changed jobs 4 times including one layoff immediately after returning from maternity leave (grrrr.)
Lots of stuff in our lives has changed.
Are we the same?
No, thank goodness!
We had NO idea what becoming parents really meant.
I'm ever so glad that you don't need to know everything about parenting before becoming one, that you get to learn on the job.

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