Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Material Evidence

Here I am at the recent opening of the California Fiber Artists' new show "Material Evidence" at The Art Museum of Los Gatos . The show is up until February 26th, go see it!

My son Zach took these pictures of me, both of my pieces are on either side of a window so the lighting is a bit strange. My smile is a bit strange too, I think I was probably about to tell him what to do, instead of concentrating on smiling nicely. He puts up with a lot this kid.
The first piece is called "Variegated Exit/Entrance", made with all cotton that I've dyed and discharged, plus minimal beading that you can't see except for on close inspection.
The second piece is "Meteor Meltdown", made completely out of recycled stuff. Discharged cotton/lycra, tyvek, wedding veil, thread scraps.

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