Thursday, January 12, 2006

New Year Goals

Here is a good way to write some goals down for the year ahead which I had only been vaguely contemplating, thanks Jen at Bayou Quilts for the easy, yet still very useful list that prodded me to write those goals down.

Remember, write it down, make it happen, make it real.

In the new year...

1. List one person you've lost touch with that you will look up.


2. List two places you want to go.

Yosemite, Arizona

3. List three habits you want to change or to develop.

Develop the habit of Daily artmaking: no matter how small.
Develop the habit of Daily exercise: walking, weight-lifting,stretching,ChiGong, whatever.
Change habit of neglecting my housework responsibilities.

4. List four things you hope to learn.

Implementing new ideas in designing quilts
Flash animation
Html/website design

5. List five goals you would like to achieve

Document all artwork produced this year promptly, photo,slide,cd, and website.
Organize artwork documention and deadlines on either Quilting Pro or Art Pro.
Construction begun and completed on our house addition.
Document Avalon trip website, physical photo album.
Complete writing projects that I have committed to.

There, that wasn't so bad was it? Harder than I thought though.

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jenclair said...

I'm working on the Daily artmaking, too, and so far am doing pretty well, spending at least a short time each day on something. I get the ChiGong 3 times a week because I have (patting myself on the back) started back to Tai Chi. The rest of your list really impresses me -especially all the technical stuff! I find all of the technical/ computer/ website/ etc. stuff unbelievably daunting. Way over my head...