Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Quilt in a Day

So I made this quilt yesterday. Except for the binding I think it is done. I think. It is about 24 x 20"

It is for a color challenge for an online group I'm in. Can you guess what color I was assigned?
Yes, that's right, WHITE.
I purchased a bunch of different fabrics that are "white", chenille, wool, silk, and WOW (white printed on white) way back in October at PIQF. Also bought a bunch of white embellishment type of things. Originally I was going to do another labyrinth quilt, with the embellishments on top making the labyrinth design on top of this. But when I completed the quilting last night, I put it up on the design wall and decided I didn't want to goop it up with "stuff".
This is probably one of the simplest things I've ever made, but I'm really pleased with it. I wish you could see it in person, the contrast between the different fabrics is so fascinating. This will be one of those quilts that gets touched a lot when it is shown, not too cool that it is white because it will show all the fingerprints, plus with the wool and silk on there, it isn't too terribly washable. Oh well, I'll have to retitle it if gets too terribly dirty.
So, the title is "White Hot Pain", which is unfortunately what I was experiencing yesterday.
Here it is before the quilting.

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