Sunday, February 27, 2005

Out With the Old In With The NEW!

Goodbye Sweet Cruella! You've served me so well.

Hello New Sweetness! Finally!! There is so much to learn with this new-fangled machine. I'm loving it already, so quiet, and easy. I will master the auto needle threader sometime soon. Maybe even tomorrow, we shall see. As you can tell from the picture, Rexie thinks its a very nice new paperweight.

I've finished my doll for the Guardian Doll Challenge for Quilting Arts Magazine , now to send her off across the country. She did end up with a rather Big Head, but she is a Guardian after all. And she reminds me to Take Time. Note she is equipped with a star wand to bonk me on the head if I forget this. Slow down and Take Time.
Oh, and for those who are superdooper observant you will note that she is made out of.....scraps, why of course! But from what project? Oh the Ugliest Blanket in the World of course, see post below. Felted wool is just lovely to bead on, really much nicer than other fabrics I've used.
And I used lots and lots of beads gifted to me from my former neighbor and fabulous bead artist, Virginia Clark. I wish she had a website to share with you, her stuff is really something to behold. Oh, and the perfectly sized star wand is from Artchix Studios. Posted by Hello


arlee said...

I love that Guardian--she's wonderful! And you lucky girl, a new machine with bells and whistles--whoohoo!!

Dara said...

Congrats on the machine! Well deserved. And I can't wait to see the doll in the pages of QA. Good reminder, take time.

Karoda said...

Congrats on the new machine...I recognize it quite well ;) I love mine.

Making dolls will be my next BIG adventure...after I get some space of my own to actually quilt in...but I love her face...what are the wings made of?

JulieZS said...

Dolls are a lot of fun. Sometimes it is fun to do the 3-d thing.

Oh and the wings were purchased years ago. They're like one of those pre-embroidered applique/patches you can buy. They were in a sale basket and I bought a few pairs of wings. Finally used them!