Tuesday, February 22, 2005

One Image Game

Here is the view of my worktable covered with stamped cards from the One Image game I'm playing in. Thirty people stamped or applied the same image to 30 postcards, self addressed and postage-stamped them, and sent them to our game host RedDog. She runs a mixed-media group that I'm in, called Traveler's H'Art. Each artist then got one of each postcard to play with. And we get the completed arted-up versions of our original stamped cards back in the mail. This is FUN! But also hard. As Chimpy McFlightSuit would say "Hard Work, it's Hard Work." By the way, this is why I need both a wet studio and a dry studio. Or at least space for a wet desk. So hard to combine the two. I have to completely clean up and put away each thing to work on the other. Otherwise, stamp ink and glitter and paint get on my quilty stuff. Sigh. Poor me.

Lunaea's card, her one image was the moon. Boy is it hard to photograph black and sparkly stuff! But if you know Lunaea, you know she needs sparkly.

RedDog's image was the seated 50's woman. Words are "Sigh...why can't i just relax and have fun like mary?" Had a bit of an eeek, when I was dabbing water on the water colour pencils, the ink from my words went away. Not sure if it was the slick paper or what, but I faked it with a pen re-do.

The words are "Get an eyeful", the one image was the empty mason jar. Used watercolour oil pastels on this one. It was a nice bumpy watercolour paper too.

The words are "Reach for ART", one image was the large hand. I think this is my fave so far, and I must get that big hand stamp. I love hands, hands and eyes or both together.

ECO's one image was the square Keppler journal. My stamp smeared a bit, but I think it looks like it is spinning in motion.

One image was the super girl and shooting star.

One image was the girl with the satellite head. The background stamp is made of exces stamp strips left over from cutting out new rubber, glued down to a base. I can't throw anything away, can I?!

One image was the circular celtic knot design. Not done with this one yet. That's some of my handmade paper in the background. Posted by Hello

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