Monday, February 14, 2005

Judy Martin Books

Judy Martin has one of the best monthly newsletters, really funny, and always has good links to interesting non-quilty stuff. This month it was mailboxes. Anyways, her books rock! Very clear instructions, and innovative yet traditional blocks, lots of stars, which I love. And she put one of her latest books that I never had gotten around to buying on huge sale, so I thought I'd pass on the info.

Here's what she said: "Whatever the reason, the people have spoken with their wallets and said
$21.95 wasn’t going to get it done on a scale large enough to rid me of my remaining thousands of books. I have lowered the retail price of Piece ‘n’ Play Quilts to $7.95. That’s about 64% off! For the price of one single pattern, you can have a 96-page, all-color book with 12 complete patterns, including quilting. It’s a good book, and at this low price, you can afford to find out. Then you can afford to buy multiple copies and give them as presents. "

Oh and also, I swear by her point trimmer tool for making binding strips.

While I was there ordering Piece 'n' Play, I also picked up two of her other books that I've always wanted (so much for saving money by buying on sale, hah!!), The Block Book, and her Ultimate Rotary Cutting Reference. Judy's big concentration in teaching is on being accurate first, and not having to trim away extra to make the block the right size. And I need all the help I can get on learning that!

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