Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Last Week's Works all in one lump

Round Robin for Nadine (mine is on left) I later unsewed when I remembered they were supposed to be blocks not a completed strip, duh. At least I remembered this before sending them on to Delores. Now on to the next person's, Diane sent fabric with hers, deep brown and blues/whites, so we shall see what I come up with for that....

Cut up Felted wool sweaters. These sweaters have been around my workroom for a year. I read about recycling old sweaters by washing and drying them to felt them, then sewing together in an attractive warm, couch blankie. Soooo, after months of collecting cat hair (ewww) and being washed and dried many many times, they were definitely felted! Some did better than others, they started out thicker, and higher quality wool yarn. One sweater was burgundy, one was each, one blue with white and blue stripes, and another dark grey. Not the best colour choices in the world, but that was what was available at the St. Vinnies the day I bought them.

So here it is....drumroll....The Ugliest Blanket in the World, but oh is it cuddly and warm, and my kids are fighting over it. Not husband though, he is slighty allergic to wool. The trick will be to keep it away from Zelda the dog, who sheds so much it will turn white instantly...

Straight and narrow challenge quilt, more quilting done with a decorative stitch in a varigated thread, and trimming of edges. Still not done though.

I'm taking a Celtic knot sweatshirt workshop with Quilt University. These are my four fabric choices on top of the celery green sweatshirt. Posted by Hello

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