Sunday, February 06, 2005


A 3"paper-pieced Ladybug for Adrienne, just because. She likes ladybugs. And she made me one a while ago. So there she is. I hardly ever do paper piecing, but I always like how it turns out. I forget how to do it if I don't practice occasionally! Use or lose it rules in my brain these days, DO NOT ask me any calculus or statistics questions. Oh and this green fabric that I used was soooo soft, almost sueded. Pet, pet. I got this pattern from a page of Mini-Block swaps , that's a good page of minis, cats, swans, a snails trail, and insane pineapples. Oooh, I gotta put that on the list of rock band names for Zach, Insane Pineapples.... the list is getting longer. He better keep practicing that guitar huh?
If you have any suggestions for me to add to the list, let me know!

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