Sunday, April 05, 2020

Another Day Another Mask

Another try at this mask making thing. 

Thanks to friend Sonja for her advice on trying out this pattern which was designed by a nurse for other nurses. It's mostly a video tutorial along with lots of helpful notes. The pattern itself is very well done with useful and clear markings. 

This one fits much better and the integrated ties really made the mask fit well.  I used the same aluminum pieces as the masks from yesterday

By the way, I got the real story on where exactly my DH sourced his aluminum for the nose bridges. It is not 1/4" aluminum flashing, it is a 1/4" strip that my DH cut off of a roll of normal sized roof flashing which is 12" wide. Nice to know where my supplies are really coming from.

My DH really likes this one the best and has claimed it as his own, so I'm off to make a few more of these babies. Nieces have asked for black & white or blue/green, BIL wants pink, and my SIL said anything is fine as long as it has elastic loops because she has a broken shoulder and can't tie the straps behind her head herself.

Things we really like about this mask:

  1. The pleating which will accommodate all sorts of face shapes and feels roomy when you're wearing it. (It can actually be worn over an N95 mask.)
  2. The clever nose dart that helps the nose-bridge piece work so well to hold the mask to your face and come closer to making an actual seal.
  3. The under-chin folds which help shape the mask around the jaw.
  4. A pocket for an added filter if you want.
  5. The ties are really sturdy and make the mask fit very well.

It's a little fussier of a pattern compared to the one from yesterday's post, but I think it's overall a better mask. This is the one  I'll be making from here on out.

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Jaye said...

Good to know! I tried the Fat Quarter Shop mask, which wasn't a very complete pattern. My next attempt is the Happy Zombie mask, but I haven't done it yet. I'll put this one my list as well.