Friday, November 04, 2016

Windmill Angles

I've been working on a project since 2011 with my friend Jaye to cut windmill pieces using the above plastic template (from Come Quilt With Me.)
I wanted to cut a bunch more pieces for us to use so I purchased the Sizzix cutting die for this same block to quickly cut more accurate pieces.  It's the same  4.5" height, but unfortunately it isn't exactly the same angle. So close! This picture shows the template on top of a fabric piece I cut with the Sizzix.
 I made up a sample block to see how it would work out and I think it's too far off to fudge it.
I think this shows a little better how that little difference in the angle works in the block here with them side by side. The one on the left is done with the template, and the one on the right is with Sizzix.
Oh well, luckily the die was on sale and I like this shape as it makes a block with a lot of motion and is easy to piece together accurately.

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