Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Wandering Wednesday: Lake Merritt

A recent sunset stroll along the shore of Lake Merritt in Oakland gave me a lot of bird pictures to share. 
It's a nice surprise to have a body of water in the middle of downtown Oakland. It's different than just a big park. 
 This was near the bird sanctuary which seemed to be closed, maybe they were waiting for it to reopen? They were definitely lurking, kind of menacingly, look at those big beaks.  

I had to look them up to find out what kind of bird they were, Black-Crowned Night Heron. Very short and stocky for a Heron.

I always have to take a picture of an interesting door. Luckily my family knows this about me by now.

The reflected sunset off the roundish buildings windows falling on the non-window side of the building next door really caught my eye.

And finally, a lovely flute serenade from the dude on a roof across from Children's Fairyland. 

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