Saturday, November 05, 2016

Joining Up

I attended my first meeting the South Bay Modern Quilt Guild this week (thanks to my friend Jaye and her mom visiting for the excuse to actually go.)  It was a great meeting, really fun people and wonderful quilts being made by the group. So I joined up!  

I was lucky and scored a door prize, the M. Joan Lintault book (I've always loved her work and this book is great!) Then there was free fabric, a fat quarter of Kona Cotton in I think the color Creamsicle. The fabric is for a guild challenge that's coming up in January for an exhibit at the PVQA show next year.

Wow, I color adjusted this photo a bit too much, the orange is actually the same as in the above photo, anyway...the turquoise is another of the colors we're supposed to use. I thought it'd be fun to use the complementary colors in my quilt design. It's all based off of a great photo of the teapot ride at Disneyland and is supposed to be tea-related to go with the theme of the quilt show. Thinking cap is now on.

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