Monday, September 03, 2012

A Visit to SaltLand

This summer I drove across country with my kids.  Neither of them has their driver's licenses, so it was all me.  On our first day we drove from California all the way to Wendover, Utah, which is just over the border from Nevada.  It was a really long day of driving, but we had fun walking around on the salt flats once we got there.

Windy, hot, flat, and salt as far as you can see.

 Alex tried to make a "Salt Angel"
 Looks more like a Salt Frowny Face to me.

 Piles of salt everywhere on the edge of town.

It looks like snow doesn't it?  But those are the brine pools used in making potash.The blue water was so pretty, only salt and water, nothing else could live in there I'd imagine.

 And boy was it ever SOFT.  Like if you dumped all the salt you have in your house water conditioner...
Wendover Will, cigarette and all. I really dislike casinos, so much cigarette smoke to deal with, just not used to it.  And that's pretty much the only thing in Wendover, except for the salt flats.

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