Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Day at the Lake

More summer road trip pictures for you.  I should have put this one at the beginning of the first post.  Here are Zach, me, and Alex along with the Happy Honda which took us all the way across the country and back.  This was moments before we piled in the car and took off on our adventure.  I was wondering if it was a good idea up until the second we actually departed, and then it was all pretty awesome after that.
Driving out of Wendover, Utah across the absolutely straightest road I've ever been on. If it wasn't for the wind, I would not have needed to steer, for about an hour.  Right straight across the salt flats.  Salt as far as you can see to either side of the road. It was beautiful, empty, and it truly looks unlike anyplace you've ever seen.
 Finally there was a change from all the endless salt, some beautiful sparkling blue clear and very very salty water.

Antelope Island State Park in the Great Salt Lake, it was a long walk across the beach to get to the water.
 And then there was a whole lot of wading through calf high water, about a half mile. We finally reached a sand bar and we were finally in the water.  We spent a lot of time just floating in the very salty water.  Even if you don't know how to float you absolutely can thanks to the density of the water.  Five times saltier than the ocean.  Thank goodness they had showers so we could rinse off, because the salt water had dried to a salt crust by the time we got back to the car.  My skin felt very soft afterwards though!
And bonus surprise wildlife, a pronghorn antelope standing by the side of the road on the island.  It just stood there looking at us for the longest time and then it finally walked off.  There is a herd of buffalo also but we only saw two of them really far away.  Way more buffalo to come in the upcoming Yellowstone pictures...

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