Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A New Modern Group

 Last week I visited a new quilt group that meets in my area, well, they were new to me at least.  They were celebrating their 1st year anniversary.  South Bay Area Modern Quilt Guild which meets at SueDee's Quilting Knitting and More in Scottt's Valley.  A very nice group of people, with lots of enthusiasm for the "modern quilting" style that's going on these days.  They were so nice that I went home with a piece of the above fabric out of a freebie bag of someone's scraps that was getting passed around.  What a good introduction to the group, here have some free fabric.  I think it will be nice to have a non-art-quilt focused group to be a part of, since I like to make functional quilts also, so I plan to attend the meeting next month.

And Sue Dee's had just moved locations a few doors down and had a $1 a yard table.  Woohoo, Backing Fabric!  I love getting fabric like this, so it's easy to use it up and not get precious about it.  Especially for wall quilts, the busier and weirder the print gets, it's all fine by me.  If it's a backing for a bed or couch quilt, then I pay more attention to the backing fabric of course, because it's going to get seen and touched all the time.


Jaye said...

So glad you went to the meeting! It is good to be around other quiltmakers. YAY!

Julie Zaccone Stiller said...

Yes, it was great! I was really glad that I pushed myself to get out and *actually* attend the meeting.