Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lutradur For ATC's

 Here's my process of making a group of four ATC's for the CQFA exchange at our March meeting.  This time I decided to play with some Lutradur.  I used watercolor crayons rubbed over this wood tile that has holes drilled in it.  I've used this same wood tile before with regular cotton fabric and Shiva Paintstiks, that fabric also got turned into ATC's.
 I moved the Lutradur around a lot as I was coloring so that the circles wouldn't be too regularly spaced.  I like the random look a bit more.

 Here's how it looks after being brushed with water.
 A picture so you can see the translucence.
 Sometimes the dropcloth is even prettier than what you're working on.  Sigh.
 Layered the painted Lutradur with batting and some upholstery fabric for backing and machine embroidered back and forth in irregularly spaced rows.

Here's how the whole thing looks layered and stitched before I cut it into the regulation ATC size, 2.5 x 3.5"

I used one of the same embroidery stitches around the edges.  And then the whiteness of the batting bugged me so I used my grey tee-juice pen to solve that issue.

Here's how they all turned out.  I usually make 5 so I can keep one for myself, but the dimensions didn't work out that way unfortunately.  I might have to go back and make myself another one because I really really like how these turned out.
Some close-ups of each individual ATC.

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