Thursday, March 01, 2012

A Work In Progress

 A couple detail pictures of a quilt I'm working on, almost all done with the quilting.  No title for the quilt yet, which tells me it isn't done quite yet, usually those come right away...
 The two images are from stamps that I carved and printed on fabric.  The top one was printed on a cotton-polyester fabric and you can see how the ink pooled up and is splotchy compared to the bottom one printed on a 100% cotton fabric where it soaked right in more evenly.  It is fun to work on these things and figure out how to repeat these effects.
 This is the first time I've used zippers on the surface of a quilt and I really like how it looks, more texture, the addition of more design lines, a different weight to these lines added, and a mysterious possible functional purpose.  Do they unzip for a reason?
I decided to use zipppers so that I can incorporate something underneath that can be revealed when unzipped.  So I'm thinking up some cryptic words or messages having to do with eyes or being watchful or something.   I'm thinking that I might machine embroider them on a ribbon and then sew that in.

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