Friday, March 02, 2012

A Purple Gift

 For my birthday this year, friend Jaye made me this amazing journal.  It's completely unique, and more importantly *purple* and I love it so much.  The outside is pieced together fabrics.
 Here's the back so you can see more of the cool fabrics she used.
 A closeup of the button/ribbon closure.
 A view of all the pages.  The signatures of pages are all from recycled/reclaimed/re-used paper sewn together which makes it interesting to look at before you've written or drawn anything yourself!  Such a great variety of paper, some of which is hard to write on, so I'm sewing things on as I go.
 Here's how it looks when opened up.

The hand-dandy inside the front cover pocket, which is pieced also.

 Another closeup of the pages, see, how the page itself is sewn together?  This book makes me hungry every time I look at it, with the Rechiutti chocolate paper, a paper from Baskin Robbins,...yum.

Thanks Jaye! I love using this book so much.


Margaret Ball said...

What a wonderful gift, Julie! Makes me want to make one myself... No. Down! Do not need any more projects-in-progress!!!

Julie Zaccone Stiller said...

I know, it really is a great gift. You should totally make one for yourself, think of all the paper it would use up!!

Jaye said...

So cool that you are sewing into it. Can't wait to see what you do. GREAT photos. Thanks. You can find the online class info at: OR you can take the class from A Work of Heart in San Jose.