Saturday, March 26, 2011

Puddles Filling, Emptying

 Here's one of my favorites of the whole year-long project of making a weekly six-word memoir quiltlet.  It is number 47.  It may be my favorite even.  (Please don't make me choose).  But honestly, I think I like it so much because the words are not immediately visible, the 3-d-ness of it, the machine embroidery, the fabrics I used and the beading.
 The words say: "Leaves Turning, Falling. Puddles Filling, Emptying."  Sums up late November around here.
 The words are written with fabric marker on a leftover piece of a t-shirt my son was using to patch his pants (don't ask, he wanted a stretchy knee patch) which was on my worktable.  I folded the piece in half and stitched the bottom part down making it stand up.
 The beads function as a bit of a physical prop for the knit material to stand up.
 I had several colors of these leaf shaped glass beads which I thought suited the words of the week really well.
 More gratuitous close-ups of the beading.
I used several of the special embroidery stitches on my machine that had leaves, I think they show up really well on these almost solid brown fabrics.

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Jaye said...

Really great photos. I agree. It is one of your best, if not the best.