Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Giants Win The Pennant! About Time.

 Continuing on with the six-word memoirs, here is number 44, celebrating the long-anticipated win of my beloved SF Giants in the World Series.  The words say with oh-so-much-joy: "Giants Win The Pennant!  about time."
 Black material is from this woven, anti-static thing that was in the new laptop we purchased this year, the orange "pennant" is just some orange mulberry paper, background is a hand-dyed and batiked fabric, the green is from scraps of my childhood pants, and what is that mysterious little plastic baggie?
Tucked into the pocket and then sewn over at the top is a small plastic baggie containing actual warning track dirt/clay from AT&T Park.  I collected it this year when we went to see the SF Opera simulcast  (Aida this year, it was awesome!).   See I knew it would bring them good luck somehow...

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Helen Percy Lystra said...

I especially liked the plastic baggie, gave me a good giggle. Nice work on the whole piece but that's special.