Friday, March 25, 2011

Fiercely Fighting Forward

 Here's the 46th in the year-long series of weekly six-word memoir quiltlets.  Almost to the end!  This one is made with the plastic leftover after you've peeled off and used a SalonPas pain patch.  I found they really helped with the post-hip surgery pain.  There were so many of these oddly textured (ridged stripes!) thin, flexible, strangely colored, plastic pieces lying around, I of course had to use them in one of these quiltlets.
 The words say: "Struggle For Recovery, Fiercely Fighting Forward."  Sounds way too dramatic to me now, but I suppose it is probably pretty accurate.
 The stamping was done with a dye ink which took a while to dry.  I used one of my largest sized fonts because I wanted to fill up all the blank space with the words.
 I really like how some of the letters are on the fabric and thus are very dark.  It looks so random when you look at the overall piece before you see the rest of the words.
This particular plastic was really easy to sew through on my machine and I like how the thread lies on top so nicely.

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