Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Give Thanks

Here is the 45th six-word memoir from last year (this one was mid-November).  I keep trying to get back into the habit of posting daily here and failing utterly, but here I am "try, trying once again."  Yes, stubborn would be a word I would use to describe myself.
Words say: "Give Thanks, Thankful Banner Is Done".  What is a Thankful Banner you may ask? Tune in tomorrow for an actual how-to post from me.

 This quiltlet was made with the scraps from the mysterious Thankful Banner.  Which involves triangles. Of fall themed fabrics.
 The words were hand-stamped onto a very light yellow solid-ish fabric so they'd be mostly legible.
I like how greyed-out and subtle the letters are, suits the fall colors well instead of a deeper ink black lettering.

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Jaye said...

Every day is a new day. If you don't post today, you can always post tomorrow.;-) Having a stash of inspiration photos makes for easy posting.