Saturday, June 26, 2010

Saturday Cornucopia

Can't. Stop. Making. Tumbler. Quilt. Send Help. Seriously I do believe I am almost done now, and just need to stop cutting more until I sew together the rows and rows and rows I've got so far. And I found a nice spirally black fabric to use for the ends of each row to make a nice border/frame.
Ahh. So nice to have Mr.Super Husband back home again from an extended trip to China and Japan.

This isn't a picture of us, just a couple of sleeping peccaries at the zoo I recently snapped.
It kind of sums up how we feel when we're back together, everyone say awwww.

This picture reminds me of the one above in texture and lighting but not so much in content.

Oh and here's what our new floors look like. Bamboo flooring from Costco, looks great, feels great. Slowly moving our stuff back in and re-evaluating what we actually want in the nice, new-looking living room. Poor Zelda The Wonder Dog is having trouble slipping on the floor though, I think I need to get her some grippy booties or something.


Deborah said...

I love the colors in your tumbler quilt!

Jaye said...

I am sorry that I can only help feed your frenzy. How big is that baby already?

I have a whole box of Tumblers for you and have started to fill another box. When will I see you? Should I mail them?

xx, Your Enabler

Julie ZS said...

Thanks Deborah! It definitely has a whole lot of colors going on, something for everyone.

Thanks Jaye, you enabler you ;-)
I think that it will be king sized if I sew all the rows together that I have now. Which is plenty big. I have some extras which will be put on the back somehow. You can give me them at CQFA meeting if you're coming.

Jaye said...

Not coming to the CQFA meeting as I will be at a conference. I will put them in mail. You need these Tumblers! They are gorgeous. Of course, all fabric is. What am I saying?

Does this mean I am done cutting? I might have withdrawals...