Friday, June 04, 2010

Big, Small and Fun

More Maker Faire pictures, if you can stand it. I just found so many inspiring things to photograph, like this knitted argyle giraffe. It was in the Lion Yarn booth, the leaves were felted I think, and the grass is yarn. Such a great and very unexpected combination.
You have to watch out for the cupcake cars scooting around through the crowd, they actually get going pretty fast, I was glad to catch this shot with just the car. Don't you love the fake fur chocolate brown frosting around the edge, and the driver's thrilled and goofy expression?There were some great metal work fire sculptures. This one was huge and shiny and sort of menacing and I really wished we could have seen it at night. It was weird you could walk right up to and under it, which was a little bit scary.The rotating ball o'fire, note the fire extinguisher close at hand.
There was a great display of early cars, one of which was a replica of the first Ford. This was my favorite picture, a close up of the oil-filled glass bulbs. So delicate and fragile and essential and unprotected.
Apparently there is to be a Maker Faire in Detroit this summer which the Ford rep was very excited to tell us about.
Don't you wish your car wheels looked this cool? Check out the gears right behind too.

There's the only picture of me from the Maker Faire, upside down and headless.
Another enormous sculpture, this one was rotating (thus the warning cones) and hard to capture all the pieces without some blurring.
I just am inspired and intrigued by all these people just making these enormous things, for all kinds of reasons. It is great to be reminded that there is a whole lot of untapped creative energy out there.

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