Thursday, June 03, 2010

The Future Is Now

I apologize for leaving you hanging for a week without any posts, there has been a major upheaval at home as we moved absolutely everything upstairs so that the downstairs could finally get some flooring installed. My goodness we had even more stuff than I thought we did, will we take this opportunity to finally purge all the excess?? Hopefully! We also painted the big walls of the downstairs, figuring that we'd rather not mess up the brand new floors with paint splotches.

So, after that week's worth of effort I'm back to continuing on with some Maker Faire pictures. First up is: R2D2 on the loose, delighting the crowds (as well as the owner/controller of course). These little robots have so much personality.
Caged R2D2's. When will they be set free??
There is an actual club of R2D2 builders, who knew? I like how this picture makes it seem that the R2D2s are protecting the people from the paparazzi.
Zach playing the Xylo-Van. I love the clouds reflected in the van's windows.
Rocket ship to the stars. I didn't try going in it, the line was too long and the ladder pretty high, but it sure has a great shape doesn't it? It was fun to catch sight of it out of the corner of your eye, made me feel like I was in a scifi movie set in the future.

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