Thursday, June 10, 2010

Questioning The Comfort of Psychedelic Frogs

Here is Week 20 of the year long six word memoir quiltlet project I'm doing. It is a bright one, can you tell where the scraps came from that I used?
The words say:
Are Psychedelic Frogs Really So Comforting?
I guess I was questioning whether or not the comfort quilt that I made to donate out of my kid print stash was really actually comforting or perhaps disturbing (too bright, too much, too something).
All those colorful numbers on the selvedge, I just couldn't toss 'em.

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Jan said...

I like it. I guessed right that it came from a kids quilt leftovers. I like to make bright kids quilts too, and baby quilts. I wonder if they are too bright but then I decide they will just have to get used to it because I like bright!