Saturday, February 06, 2010

Sometimes Everything Looks Like A Giraffe

Third in a series for the Six Word Memoir journal quilt project that I am participating in all year long.
This was all made with scraps near the top of my current pile. Note that none of them were cut to these shapes for this quilt. Used "as is" tends to be the way I work with scraps for collage-y stuff like this. Once that black piece got put down on the background, the six words immediately popped into my head:
"Sometimes Everything Looks Like A Giraffe"
A truism if I've ever thought of one!The words were stamped with blue fabric dye ink with one of my smaller alphabet stamp sets.I am not the best at stamping words, getting the spacing right, even "close enough" is hard for me to achieve. So my "close enough" is prety darned flexible as you can see here. c'mon S catch up with Look!
I wonder if anyone (not naming names to see if she does!) will recognize her scraps that I used here? I love it that people give me such wonderful goodies to work with!

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Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

How cool that this was a precut scrap!
And forget me getting things spaced right with stamps when it comes to just have to use your imagination on my pieces! LOL!!!! I mean, REALLY use it!
This looks like a lot of fun.... :)