Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Adding To The Chaos

Adding to the chaos that rules my sewing room, are several new goodies, some quilt related, some upholstery related too. I have 4 chairs to recover, and only have the fabric for one of them.
First is a selection of upholstery trim scraps that I purchased in a little plastic bag for $1.99 from Harts Fabrics. I swear this is just like crack for me, I find that I really can't resist the siren call because:
  • the small amount
  • the cheap price
  • the color coordination
  • the array of textures
  • can very easily see using this on a wall quilt (I do have a history with fringe after all...)

I have a feeling I'm not the only one that will buy one of these little goodie bags. Upholstery fabric and trim, also from Hart's, that I'm using to recover an old ottoman. It is almost done, it is taking a while to hammer all the upholstery nails in. I can only hold the hammer for a little amount of time. I'm also going to recover the seat cushion and arms from the leather chair that this ottoman goes with. It is really worn out and ripped in a couple of places. I love how the worn-in leather feels, but I don't like how it looks now.

This is a shiny (I'm guessing acetate) about 8"x10", and it is a really cool cut-out fabric. Another FabMo find. It made me think of one of those fancy neckroll pillows, couldn't you see it on top of a red or yellow silk. It is too small to wrap all the way around one of those pillow since it is a sample. But I like the pattern a lot and am thinking I'll use it somehow in surface design. And lastly, four new fabrics from the CQFA retreat weekend, the two on the right were in the freebie pile. I'm finding I'm really into checks and checkerboards these days.
But hey, when this picture loaded I noticed the colors don't look right, especially the fabric on the lower left is this intensely weird chartreuse color, which was why I bought it! You just don't find that color very often, certainly not with such a lovely pattern. The same fabrics with a flash, there that's a little better but still kind of brown. Oh well, I'm giving up on getting the right flash or lighting. At least for now.


Cat said...

Hey I found a quilting class within walking distance of my house, they have a first project that they charge you $40 no matter how long it takes to make it, you just keep going back till your finished, maybe time to do that this summer.

Deborah said...

I don't think I would be able to resist buying these either.

Julie ZS said...

Deborah, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one with low resistance ability!

Cat, that quilting class sounds like a great deal, I hope you go give it a try.