Friday, February 05, 2010

A Day For Red

As it is the official Hey Everybody Wear Red Day for the women's heart health awareness initiative Go Red For Women, AND also Darling Petunia tagged me two weeks ago to do a post with pictures of RED things in and around my home, well here it is an entire post of red.
First up is my very oldest pair of gloves that I still have both of. They are old style polypropelene from good ol' REI that I bought when I first started going camping with a certain young gentleman (casts a meaningful eyebrow wiggle at husband across the living room).And the classic wool shirt that my great-grandfather Zaccone wore, it is at least 40 years old, if not older. I used to wear it in college when I went through my vintage is better than current retail phase. My son Zach is going through that phase right now and asked to wear it, but first I have to repair the moth holes otherwise it will fall apart which would make me really sad.
A miniature Tibetan prayer flag, one on the strand that my son Alex has hanging up over his doorway.And my son Alex's red Truffula Tree, from the stage set for Seussical. Doesn't that red look great against his green wall?

Here is the first of 3 red candles. This is a red and white tea light set from Crate & Barrel along with a red ribbon. You can kind of seem my reflection in the red candle holder.

This red candleholder is one of my favorites, just love the marbled looking glass.
And an embellished 7Day prayer candle I made in honor of Love a few years ago. It was too pretty to throw out so I throw a votive in there every now and then and keep using it.
A close up of the red fabric heart and gold glitter.

My grandmother's ArtBin where I now keep some of my paint and brushes.
And finally, something that has gotten a lot of use lately, a red exercise band. Hmmm, I didn't notice that the handle was cracked until I took this picture, where's that red duct tape?
I know I'm supposed to tag people to also do this red thing, but I'm feeling too blog-lazy today. So if you're reading this and feel like participating, just go ahead and do it before you change your mind, and then please let me know in comments! I'm curious to see what weird and wonderful RED things you've surrounded yourself with...

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Darling Petunia said...

Nice! I need a pair of gloves like that...all of mine are falling apart!