Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Working with No Power

Yes, I'm still working on stuff, in the intermittent dark of no power. Very hard to get going when you don't know what tools will be available to you. But I'm trying to be flexible, using collage and sketchbook when the sewing machine and iron aren't available.

Sure enough the promised storms were actually as bad as predicted, I didn't believe the weather guessers, so I wasn't quite ready! But after living in the rural mountains since 1990, we finally have a generator after much driving around by the man on the mission who is my husband. So that is good, especially if you don't want to try and eat the entire contents of your refrigerator and freezer all at once. Luckily I had a 20 pound turkey in the freezer so that kept things nice and cold in there. And the boys weren't too put out about having to devour the ice cream in a day. We did lose some milk and eggnog and leftovers. No big deal there.

These are two teeny tiny quiltlets 3x4" or 3x5", something like that.
There are two more but my scanner decided to stop scanning the entire item. sigh. And my digital camera is broken too! It is in the repair center, hopefully they'll figure out why the lens wouldn't retract. sigh. Not doing so well with the electronics at the moment. Oh and my mouse stopped working too. Just the left button. Time for a new one I guess!
Check out this cool pincushion I received as a gift from a friend this past season. It is from England and I just love it. The guy looks so worried, like he's about to be stuck with a pin!

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Karoda said...

after 3 months of my camera at the shop, i know of this agony in which you speak...(said while falling back on my fainting couch)