Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Sun is a Ball of Gas

Here is a much better picture of the sun/star ornament for Deirdre.
I really like this shape quite a lot. It is almost a flower, and it has my favorite spiral motif too. And upon closer inspection it isn't beaded, except for the one pearl in the very center. All the rest is metallic cording of different types, mostly sadi thread. That reminds me that I have some sadi thread that I never used, hmmmm, this gives me some good ideas.
Here are a couple shots of gifts that I made for friends. They are normally called "witch balls" and are believed to keep evil witches away. Haha!They are created with the intention of tangling up any and all bad stuff headed towards you, keeping it ensnared within the ball following the tangled threads and sharp broken needles and pins.I made an extra one for myself and am trying to decide whether to hang it up by my computer workspace or my creative workspace.


Anonymous said...

Love the "witch balls!"

Karoda said...

now you've given me a purpose for all those thread strands! i finally threw a ball away because i was going through a "declutter" moment!

Jaye said...

Love the idea of keeping all the bad things tangled in that little ball!

Dara said...

I love it! Reward for cleaning up the workspace, lol.