Wednesday, January 02, 2008

In the Rainforest

I just finished up my work in the rainforest book in the True Colors collaborative that I'm participating in. There are a few more months and books to art up.
This was a really cool book to work in as it was formerly some type of an LP record holder, with the sleeves bound in on one side.
Each artist gets one sleeve pocket with a piece of watercolor paper to work on.
This is what one side of my sleeve looks like. I mostly used stamps that I thought were rainforest-y or jungle-ish to go with the jaguar and monkey magazine pictures. The images brought to mind some funny word pairings "listen to idols", "a jaguar's papers", and "nature's machinery." Something about the intricate processes of the rainforest evoke machinery to me, I think that is where that one came from...
Here is the page pulled out by the cinnamon bark wrapped wire handle that I added. Along with the same stamps repeated, watercolor crayon background, special stripey paper, and hand sewn on with sashiko thread burlap. This one is titled "Always Hungry".

Here is the other side of the sleeve holder. Magazine pictures, fabric scraps, embellished fiber piece, stamping, pen doodling, colored pencil.
"The Heart of the Rainforest" is the reverse of the pullout, this one has a nice juicy orange/red heart stamped on. All the photography imagery comes from an Americas calendar (from way back in last year! haha) .

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