Monday, February 20, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday

For Self-Portrait Tuesday.

My fingernails.

They used to be soooo important to me.

I always wore nail polish.

For twenty years.

I still wear it occasionally.

I still buy it all the time.

But I don't think about keeping up appearances as much anymore.

I'm more inside than outside of myself.

It isn't that I've lost my self-image along the way to motherhood and artisthood. It has just been rearranged, reprioritized and reinternalized.

I like getting my hands dirty, making art, gardening, whatever. And it shows, so what! I am ok with it. Until I'm confronted with someone with perfect nails, then I let myself feel bad for 1.8 seconds. Then I'm over it. Onto the next thing.


Dominique said...

I like your post. People have suggested to me, "relax, go get your nails done." I've never thought of getting my nails done as relaxing. My response is, "no, I like to use my hands." But really, I hate having yet one more thing to maintain.

la vie en rose said...

i used to be the same way. my nails were perfect, painted, and natural. now...well my life is a fuller...and i'm a lot fuller.