Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Books Read 2006

So far in 2006 I've read the following books, mostly from the public library (I LOVE MY LIBRARY!), and whatta ya know they are all on amazon.com too!:

Gods in Alabama - Joshilyn Jackson (Southern "Gothic", amazing writer, left me wanting more)

A Canticle for Leibowitz - Walter Miller (a far future, post apocalyptic classic I'd never read)

Mulenengro - Charles de Lint (A gypsy/Rom tale, quite unlike the usual deLint)

The Historian - Elizabeth Kostova (highly recommend this new take on the Dracula legend)

Your 10-14 year old (Gotta figure these kids out!)

A Breath of Snow & Ashes - Diana Gabaldon (The latest Outlander saga, pretty good she's up to 1776)

Plants of the Gods (Inspiring illustrations from around the world)

Butterfly Gardening (Wanted to see if I was doing all I could to bring in those butterflies)

The Creative Journal - Lucia Capacchione (good alternative to The Artist's Way)

World Textiles, a concise history (A nice compact book, great illustrations, taught me some new stuff too)

Why do they act that way? (Guide to teenagers brains, I need help!)

Miracle Ball Method (My back feels better already, and the dog hasn't eaten the balls...yet)

A Time to Run - Barbara Boxer (yes *that* Barbara Boxer, an easy to read political tale partly set in Berkeley)

Just keeping track is all.

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