Tuesday, June 21, 2005

A Rainy June

Stormclouds a-brewing for a rare June rainstorm.

Never see this kind of cloud, wish I knew what kind it was...

Okay, one more, and by the way these were taken from a gas station parking lot in Los Gatos which is at the edge of the "silicon valley". That explains the stoplights. As we have no stoplights in our town! The reason I got excited about these clouds is that they looked to me just like the stylized ones that are drawn in Japanese prints and fabrics.
We were taking a drive right after the boys got out of school for the summer, sing it with me: "Schoooooools Out for Summer! Schooooools Out For Ever!" The object of the drive was music acquisition, speakers for the boys computer (our rabbit who formerly was a house rabbit ate partially through the cords, making their speaker rather unreliable), and CD's. We're going to the record store , I said happily. "Mom, it isn't records anymore, it is CD's!" ok ok fine whatever, I'm still buying.
Off to Fry's electronics we went, found an old Moby cd and the first Dave Matthews Band cd, as well as a book on Flash animation (which we plan to learn this summer), a new pen, and some kickass speakers. Well that wasn't enough music, so off to TowerRecords(see it is Tower Records!), where we found the new Coldplay, Gorillaz and Moby. Yummy stuff.

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