Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Elementary Graduation

Tomorrow my eldest son will be "graduating" from elementary school. Hard to believe, those years just zipped by. I enjoyed them though, and I know he mostly did, however much he claims to "hate" school. So onto junior high he will go in the fall, (that is 7th and 8th grade).

That also means that school ends tomorrow. And summer vacation begins. Gulp.
I am half dreading and half looking forward to the summer ahead. The sleeping in and doing what we want is wonderful, and spending time with my funny sons. The fighting and hassling, not so fun. We'll see how long it takes until they are bored! That's when things get really fun.

My youngest's birthday party is this Saturday too. He is going to be 10, double digits for both of them, wow! And I have done NOTHING for his party yet. Eeeeek.

He is having a "Mad Scientist" party. This should supposedly involve some experiments or things exploding or at LEAST changing colors, right? We'll see! Someone needs to clean the house up in case they all decide to sleep over. The party is at the park, so at least the crazy running around will be happening there.

I've not been in the studio much at all this week, because I've had a huge spurt of energy and have been outside....wait for it.....gardening!!!! Hooray! I'm trying so hard to think of this energy as being a permanent thing and to enjoy it while it is here. I think the acupuncture is really working for me now. Thank you Dancing Crane!

Been doing battle with the incredible weeds which flourished with all the extra late rain. One of which, and I am not exaggerating here, was 6 feet tall, three trunks each about as big around as my wrist, weighed about 30 pounds, was covered with evil spines (it was a bull thistle) and about to burst into flower spreading its evilness about my garden. Pshew, I won that contest! Wish I'd taken a picture of it while it was still standing and in one piece, it would have scared the *&(&#( out of DebR's giant peony.

Today I planted one cherry tomato plant, one basil, one dill, three different hot peppers, and some nicotania flowers (related to the tobacco plant). I also set up a new fountain on the deck, which the boys tell me sounds like someone peeing, and they both ran in to go use the "facilities". Hee hee. Zelda (my yellow lab) thinks it is her new drinking fountain, so I may have to move it up higher, lest she drink all the water and burn up the pump motor.


Deb R said...

Good Grief, how the heck did you even get that thistle outta there?? I wish you HAD taken a pic!

We have some thistles (not even close to as huge as yours!) growing toward the bottom of our lane that I was just looking at today and thinking I really should get them out of there before they spread, but dangit, they're PRETTY. I took some photos of them today. I still need to get rid of them though. Sigh.

Elle said...

That thistle sounds like quite the monster!

Congrats about your son. Graduating from the 6th grade is such a big deal, especially when you're a kid. I still really remember mine. And, OK, why do I want to have a "mad scientist" party now! LOL!!