Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Wandering Wednesday - Judy's Sewing

I was making my usual round of errands through Santa Cruz, and saw a Going Out Of Business sign on Judy's Sewing in Santa Cruz. This is really sad, they've been in business a long time, I used to go to their store in Scott's Valley. Judy's has been a long-time go-to LQS for me, I will miss having it as one of the local options.

I think it's just very hard to keep up specialty brick and mortar stores these days. They had a big sale going on, so I scooped up some end of bolts and other fabrics, as well as two spools of Bottom Line thread.  I really hope someone buys the business and it doesn't close down.


Jaye said...

It is sad. Scruffy also went out of business, which was really my closest store. I hope someone jumps in to take its place or buys up the assets.

Julie Zaccone Stiller said...

Turns out Judy's got a buyer at the last minute, and they're reopening in April sometime.