Thursday, February 07, 2019

Holly Hedge

This applies to a lot of life, not just writing, of course. But sometimes, to me, my writing time feels very selfish, since it's only for me. The results of my quilting time is at least shared with other people, by either handing them a completed quilt, providing art for the walls, or something to look at online. My writing is just mine though. So it feels selfish when I spend a lot *or any* time on it.

But I don't sleep well if I don't write every day. Some internal processing mechanism of mine has come to depend upon getting some of the words out of my head so that's it's quiet enough for me to get to sleep.
 As inhospitable as a holly hedge, that's what it feels like sometimes, taking that time out to write.
All prickly keep-out's, should's and you-oughta-be's. Being inhospitable to one's self though is very short-sighted isn't it? You're the one you spend the most time with, and your ongoing, life-long conversation with yourself is pretty important. So really, c'mon,  it isn't selfish to take the time to write, if that's what's required to keep that conversation going. And to get to sleep.


Jaye said...

You feel the same way I do. I guess he keeps me sane, which affects the others in my household - and friends.

Julie Zaccone Stiller said...

Yes, let's both keep on writing, we need to stay as sane for ourselves and the others in our lives.