Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Wandering Wednesday - Curiodyssey

 This month's CQFA meeting was a wonderful sort of field trip to a kid's science museum one of our members works at, Curiodyssey in San Mateo on the shores of the San Francisco Bay. We had a great turnout and a super meeting and then set out to explore the place. In the immediate foreground at the top of this photo are red pinwheels that are set in a metal structure along the edge of the building to catch all those ocean breezes.

When you're with like-minded friends, it turns out no kids are required to enjoy. I love this picture of Bron as seen through the kaleidoscope.

The texture wall was fun, I really liked the design of these lined-up pencils.

 I could have played with this thing all day, I promise I didn't knock any little kids over to get to it. What a great way to illustrate the result of gear size differential.

I really want to make this quilt! I wonder if there is a design program that would be able to replicate this? Seems like there should "be an app for that."

Fun with mirror-symmetry and colors and shapes. this was another fun thing that would be useful for quilt designing.
The small garden and zoo were very enjoyable too. What a lovely and inspiring place, I think I need to get my nieces to come here so I have a good excuse to come back. 

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