Monday, June 05, 2017

Thirtieth Study Square

 Back to posting the weekly study square quiltlets. Picking up where I dropped off showing these, this is the 30th one!

I had to document my fingernail polish looking so good with this quilt let.

I used a whole lot of different machine embroidery stitches.
 Using the stitches in unexpected ways is some of the good stuff I've learned while doing this project.
I don't think I've ever shown the back of one of these study squares. Here's what it looks like, a big thready mess. The fabric I used this time for the backing is the printed instructions for making a holiday decoration that I completed probably twenty years ago. It was in my scrap bin and was the right size to cut up and use. I write the week and the date also to help me keep track of these quiltlets.

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