Thursday, June 22, 2017

Recent Acquisitions

 Recent purchases that I thought were worth talking about here. Aurifil Thread acquisition has reached maximum for me, mostly because I ran out of room in my thread box! Only a few repeats with colors I already owned. If you like this thread, try the Cotton Club's thread club.
 There were so many color choices for this cork fabric, and I couldn't pick so I went with a neutral near natural one. This will be made into a bag, It's fairly thin and very flexible, the backing is poly-urethane. I'm interested to see how it sews up. Sew Sweetness carries many choices. And they have a video on how to sew with it which should be useful.
 RFID blocking fabric to be used in bags and wallets, etc. (A tin-foil hat too perhaps?) The only instructions that came with it was to NOT iron it ever, so that'll make it kind of tough to use in sewing a bag or a wallet, hmmm. They sell it at Nancy's Notions in case you're intrigued.
 A rather crazy selection of fabrics (even for me) I bought at Golden State Quilting. Guess I was needing some color that day or something. I have been challenged to use these all in one quilt. Hmmmm.
Who knew you could buy Cherrywood fabric scraps at your LQS? Too fun, huh? Such a nice selection, I really love how this fabric feels.

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