Monday, February 27, 2017

Twenty-Eighth Study Square

 This twenty-eighth Weekly Study Square Quiltlet is one of those that I wish was a wall-size quilt. I really like the materials and design of this one. But the scale of the various fabrics wouldn't work as well on a larger scale piece. The fringe-y edges and yellow polka-dots would be so much smaller in comparison to the whole.
 That's one of the challenges in translating from these small study sizes (8.5" square) to something say 36" square. I would have to use some type of thick yarn to achieve the same impact of the fringe edges on a 36" square sized wall quilt. Good to remember that.
The edges trimmed off when squaring up quilts are one of my favorite kinds of scraps to use. That and dyed selvedges. Both showing up here in this close up.

Words of the week:
  • breakfast

  • staff

  • sticky tape

  • hygiene

  • India

  • leisure

  • courier

  • plastic bag

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