Saturday, December 10, 2016

Thankful Post

 Looking back at November, there's a whole lot that I'm thankful for.
 Spike absolutely loves the new dog bed. As our resident cat-dog, his word is respected by the dog-cat who could have cared less about it.
 Some early winter figs still ripening on my tree.
 Downtown Santa Cruz, at the MAH for Radical Craft Night working the FabMo table. Super fun, and absolutely mobbed.
 Rainy windshield + Neon
 My turkey turned out pretty damn great this year.
 We finally carved our pumpkins, just in time for my husband's late November birthday. A new tradition is born??
 The reason I insisted on at least cutting into the pumpkins, (which I am no longer authorized to do given past events, sigh.) Roasted pumpkin seeds. We made about 6 cups of these, which lasted a few days. nom nom nom.

Our Japanese Maple finally began turning color.

What a difference a week makes!
 The angel's trumpet is still growing and blooming, no hard frost yet. It's almost visible from the second story window.

Harvested my first (and only ever) pomegranate!

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