Monday, December 19, 2016

Nineteenth Weekly Study Square

 The nineteenth Weekly Study Square Quiltlet is entitled "Get Your OY On". There was a whole lot of oy happening as I worked through making this quiltlet. Mostly due to my turning a cone of Madeira Poly thread upside-down. A huge amount of it slid off in its finely wrapped loops and the resulting thread tangle wrapped-up my attention for quite a long time. After saving some of the thread and doing some of the stitching, the rest of those tangles made it onto this quiltlet forming the letters O and Y.
 Close-up of the "O" thread tangle, stitched down with the same thread in a zig-zag.
 Close up of the "Y and some of the other stitches.
The orange background is the fabric envelope my new cellphone case came in. I love how it glows against the green and fuchsia.

Words of the Week:
  • bulb

  • perch

  • pension

  • ambulance

  • pincer

  • blanket

  • hospital

  • motel

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