Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Painted Silk ATC's

Here's the story on my ATC's for the CQFA meeting.
 I started out with this cream colored luscious piece of textured silk-blend snagged from FabMo.
 Using my Tsukineko ink brushes I highlighted the ridges with red.
 And then dotted the whole thing with blue. Blending the two colors with a wet brush, the inks combined with the crinkled texture acting as a mild sort of resist.
Keeping in mind that when it dries, it won't be as dark or intense, while it was still wet I added more color with Inktense watercolor blocks and then wet brushed the additional pigment to blend.
 Here's how it looks after it had time to dry and was heat-set with my iron.
 Measuring and cutting the 2.5x3.5" ATC's out of the stitched piece.

 I did some minimal quilting on each ATC, I didn't want to smash down that wonderful crinkled texture.
 Closeups of each one. I used striped washi tape which I machine embroidered either a 2 or a 5 depending on how many lines of quilting were in the ATC.
 Then I added a small piece of pink dyed wool roving, held down under some paper lace that I stitched down.
 I stitched around the edges and then zig-zagged once also.

I was really pleased with how these ATC's turned out this time and I was happy to have something to trade at the CQFA meeting. More on that tomorrow.


Jaye said...

Thanks for posting about your process! Yay for Tsukineko inks!

Julie Zaccone Stiller said...

You're welcome! And thanks for getting the inks way-back-when for me to use!